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Stassek Smellex Odour Absorbent 750 ml

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Packaging: 750 ml (sprayer not included)


Stassek DIVERSIT - SmellEX Odour absorbent

Odour absorbent
purpose-built for animal husbandry

Being odour-neutral itself, Equintos SmellEX destroys any smell immediately and finally, e.g.

♥ ammonia smell in the bedding
♥ any smell in the feed box
♥ mildew and mildew smell
♥ smell of excrements and puke
♥ for living rooms, attic and cellar
♥ cabinets and carpets
♥ vehicle interior
♥ cages for rats, mice, hamsters etc.
♥ dog kennel, dog basket, cat litter box

This smell absorber for animal husbandry is a real genius: Equintos SmellEX smell absorber is a very effective and versatile all-round product. Its use, especially for pet owners, is almost unlimited.
The smell is not overlaid, it is encapsulated and absorbed by so-called odor-eating molecules. The smell is destroyed forever and without any residues. The effect is immediate. Furthermore, Equintos SmellEX disinfects and destroys most of the harmful fungi and bacteria. It does not only absorb the smell of mildew, but at the same time it destroys the mildew itself and prevents its reformation. Harmful ammonia gases in the stable are not only covered up, but also efficiently destroyed. If used in a feed box, the taste of the feed is not impaired.

Of course, Equintos SmellEX is absolutely non-toxic and can be used anywhere.

The bottles are refillable and the sprayers are reusable.

Packaging: 750 ml (sprayer not included)


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brand Stassek
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